Q. What are the registration options?

A. There are two selling plans. The ‘Individual’ plan has no monthly subscription, but it does have a $0.99 fee per item sold, which is taken from your sales revenue. The ‘Professional’ plan has a monthly subscription fee of $39.99, but no ‘per item’ fee. Therefore, if you start out with the ‘Individual’ plan, it will make sense to upgrade to the ‘Professional’ plan when you are selling 40 or more items per month.

See more here: https://services.amazon.com/selling/faq.html

Q. Do I need to register as a business in order to sell on Amazon?

A. No it is not a requirement in general. However, if you plan to register for the Professional seller plan, as opposed to the Individual plan, some marketplaces do now require you to be registered to do business. This could simply be as a ‘Sole Trader/Proprietor’, which is a quick and easy process, and normally free.

Q. Is it better to register as a business right away?

A. That’s going to be something that you yourself need to decide. There are definite advantages and you could always opt to register as a sole trader/sole proprietor, which is still a business but much easier than registering a company.

Q. If I decide to set up a business, what type of business should it be and how do I go about it?

A. We can’t answer that question. It’s going to depend on your circumstances and which selling plan you decide to start with. It’s recommended that you do some research to find out what applies to you and your situation. If in doubt consult an expert in your own country.

Q. I have an Amazon customer account. Can I use the same email address to register for my seller account?

A. You can, but it’s not recommended. Amazon sends important notifications to sellers by email. For that reason, it’s better to keep your seller emails separate.

Q. If I register for an Individual seller account, can I upgrade to a Professional seller account later?

A. Yes you can upgrade/downgrade at any time


Q. If I start out selling as an individual and then decide to trade as a company, can I change my seller account from individual to company?

A. Yes, but if you have the Individual Seller account, you need to upgrade to the Professional Seller account in order to change over from selling as an individual
to selling as a company.

Q. What should my seller display name be and can I change it in the future?

A. If you have a business name, use that. Otherwise it’s better to use a generic seller name. Why? Because you might want to sell in multiple different niches. If you call yourself ‘John’s Kitchen Kings’, then it would look a little odd if you later decide to also sell in the Baby category.
Yes, you change your seller name any time you want to.

Q. I’m a US resident, but Amazon is asking for my ‘country of birth’ and it’s not
on the list. What can I do?

A. Providing you have ID that reflects your US residency, you can select US for country of birth. ID would be a drivers license or national ID card.

Q. Why does Amazon need my credit or debit card details when I am only registering for an Individual account?

A. Even with an Individual account you may incur expenses. For example, Amazon has an optional service where they will affix barcode labels for you at a cost of 20 cents per unit. Or, you might use Amazon’s partnered carrier service for shipping goods to Amazon from a domestic address. There are many
reasons why you need to provide this info to Amazon.

Q. I’m trying to add my bank account so that Amazon can pay me, but my country is not on the list. What can I do?

A. Amazon pays direct to bank account for certain countries only. Some other countries have the option of Hyper wallet and if you have that option, it will be displayed there as your option.

Some countries have neither bank account, nor Hyper wallet, but there is a solution. If your country is not on the drop down list for adding a bank account, and Hyper wallet is not displayed, you need to use Payoneer.

To use Payoneer, first go to the Payoneer website and register for an account.

You will be given a Payoneer US bank account with all the account details. You can then use those account details to complete your bank account info during seller registration. Amazon will pay you into your Payoneer account and you can then transfer from Payoneer to your own bank account in your own currency.

Q. I’m being asked to complete TAX ID information. Is this normal?

A. Yes it’s the law. If a company pays out earnings to you, by law the company is required to hold your tax information on file.

Q. I just signed up for an account and Amazon has put my account under review and is asking me to verify by providing ID documentation. Why do they need this?

A. Amazon is committed to keeping the marketplace a trusted place for buyers. They want to validate your identity/address and this is normal practice. Every
seller will be asked for documentation at some point. Often this will happen immediately after signing up for an account.

Amazon will give you 30 days to provide the requested document. Usually this is a utility bill for address verification. If you don’t have a utility bill (for example if the utility bills are not in your name), you should call seller support, explain, and ask what else they will accept as address verification.

Important: Make sure any scanned documents are in high resolution. If they are not in high resolution, they will not pass the verification. Amazon will not tell you this. They will merely say that your document/s were not accepted.

Please note that until your account is verified, it will be in ‘suspended’ status and you will not be able to start selling. Therefore it makes sense to respond to
Amazon’s request and send your document/s as soon as possible.

So what to do if your document/s do not pass the verification?

Make sure they were in high resolution. If not, re-upload them in high resolution and submit again.

Here’s a tip from a student who had problems getting his documents verified.

This is what worked for him:  [For anyone that is having issues make sure the file you send this is pdf format. It is possible to send them an image you took on your phone however when it’s taken the file is “jpg” (therefore you should convert from jpg to PDF) after you have successfully converted it make sure you crop your image to only fit what you are sending. In other words get rid of any background so the image is clearly just the picture you want to send and make sure it’s clear] If you are still having an issue, contact seller support to find out what the problem is and what you can do to rectify it (see the later question about contacting seller support).


Q. I tried to sign up for the Individual account, but something went wrong and I’ve ended up signing up for the Professional account instead. Should I delete my account and start again?

A. No. Contact Amazon and they will help you to downgrade it and refund your card if you were charged the fee for the Professional account.

Q. Can I have two seller accounts?

A. You cannot have two seller accounts on the same marketplace. For example, Amazon.com covers the US, Canada and Mexico. Therefore if you sign up for an account on Amazon.com, you cannot sign up for another in the US, Canada or Mexico.

[This rule does not only apply to YOU, but to your household as well. Amazon does not allow multiple sellers accounts in the same household. If you feel that you have a good reason for requiring a second account, contact seller support. They do make exceptions, but it’s on a case-by-case basis.]

However, you CAN have an account on Amazon.co.uk as well as one on Amazon.com because they do not cover the same marketplaces. Similarly you CAN have an account on Amazon.com and Amazon.in (for example).

Q. I’ve made a mess of registering my seller account. Can I just delete it and
start again from scratch

A. No, that’s not a good idea. Instead contact seller support and they will help you to fix the issues.

Q. I need to speak to seller support on the phone, what is the phone number?

A. Not all accounts have phone support. Individual accounts do not, and even new Professional accounts may not have phone support until the account has
some selling history.

Q. How do I handle my taxes and that stuff?

A. Sorry, we are not tax experts here. It’s recommended that you do some research to find out what applies to you and your situation. If in doubt consult an expert in your own country.

Q. I’ve heard horror stories about sellers have their accounts shut down for no good reason. What are your comments on this?

A. There’s always a good reason for a seller having their account suspended.

Don’t believe everything you read. Many sellers do not want to admit their wrong doings, but Amazon does not suspend sellers for no reason.

For less serious offences, Amazon will always send the seller warnings. It pays to look out for notices from Amazon. For serious offences, it is possible that Amazon will suspend a seller’s account without notice.

Follow this course and you will not be in any danger of ccount suspension!

Q. What about Brexit, what about Trump, what about all the things that might happen?

A. Whatever happens will happen and everyone will be in the same boat. Your competitors will be in the same boat as you. It’s pointless to worry about what might happen and how it might affect us. If we have bridges to cross, we cross them if and when we come to them!

Q. The VAT rules state that if I want to sell in an EU country that I don’t reside in, I need to be VAT registered. Is there any way around this?

A. That’s correct, if you do NOT reside in the EU country (also applies to the UK) that you want to sell in, you need to be VAT registered in that country (the country you want to sell in).

The alternative (and some students have done this) is to register a company in the EU country that you want to sell in.

Example: You want to sell on Amazon.co.uk, but you don’t reside in the UK. You could register a UK company and then use that company to register as a seller 
on Amazon. Doing so would exempt you from VAT registration until you reach the annual sales threshold of £85,000.

Please note that we cannot help you with registering a company or VAT registration. There are online companies who will do all this for you. They are experts in the field and have the required formal qualifications and certifications to do this. We do not!

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